Can you imagine being able to travel to Europe every week to check out the most important high street trends in the main retail stores? And to do this continuously over several months?

The TZB team does this work for you with the assistance of professional experts on the subject. We are a fashion bureau specialized in the retail market, based in London – one of the world’s main centers of innovation and design.

Our analysis is based on data gathered from February to June and August to December, apparels and trends offerings from UK and European retail markets.

The TZB team focuses all efforts into carefully researching, mapping and capturing the most important key pieces to make the connection between your company’s products and the retail trends, serving as inspiration for planning and safe execution of the creation and development of optimized collections, making your business a success within the garment industry.

The retail trends research is produced in PDF format and can be used in tablet, laptop, website, blog, social networking, advertising & marketing and e-mail attachments to the commercial representatives and customers.

Each weekly business connection Company + TrendZ Bureau Preview contains:

- Photos and technical titles of company products

- Company Logo

- Company Institutional

- Company Contacts

- TrendZ Bureau Layout

Photos of focused key pieces (front / back and details) and their families with the corresponding products to those produced by your company:

- Photographed key pieces and its pillars, such as trimming, fabric, color, pattern & print, silhouette, detail and finishing, referencing to your product and its application in garment construction based on modeling and sewing.

- Titles and technical notes (trimming, fabric, color, pattern & print, silhouette, detail and finishing) of retail trends.

- Mood Board: trend title + photos of key pieces + style / mannequins + Pantone colors + pictures of the company’s products.

- Retail trends and their application in the construction of clothing with the company’s products.

- Titles and technical trends notes + photos of key pieces / types and references of the Company’s products + photos Company’s products

- Style: Photos of mannequins and shop windows



Focused key pieces


detailed piece photos


Mood Boards


Technical notes


Connection page: business products + trends


Style: Shop window + visual display


business products: photos + technical details


Monthly pages